Curating the most obscure and hilarious blogs on the internets.

Very Mary Kate

This mockumentary series gives you a 3-minute glimpse into the life of Mary-Kate Olsen every Tuesday and Thursday. In addition to dealing with common issues faced by 20-somethings (e.g. eating disorders, binge-drinking, unrequited love), it also tackles dilemmas that only someone “who was potty trained by Dave Coulier” would experience.


CAPTCHA codes. Initially they were used to ensure one was human. Then, free services like reCAPTCHA helped to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows in the process.

And now, thanks to their widespread ubiquity, these puzzles have begun to inspire hilarious (and some curiously poignant) mashups from geeks and artists alike.

Eating Off the People’s Princess

Lady Di’s memory lives on in this quirky blog where the author creatively pairs an accessorized commemorative Princess Diana plate with witty captions. The combination ensure hours of fun…and meal ideas.

Dudes with Beards Eating Cupcakes

This blog doesn’t beat around the bush. Its sole purpose is to post pictures of dudes, with beards, eating cupcakes. Seriously. It doesn’t get any more niche than that.